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Robyn Shonk

Production Assistant - Slate Bunny - Writer


Robyn is an only child born and raised in a little town in Pennsylvania. She has had a strong passion for music her entire life, even today claiming Spotify as her one true love. Aside from music, she enjoys participating in sports and the arts. She was a rugged softball player throughout life, and discovered a late love for volleyball. She now enjoys yoga, kayaking, and hiking as active hobbies.

For the last 12 years, Robyn’s full-time work has always been heavily rooted in customer service. She has worked in private, commercial, and federal fields. Recently she pursued her passion for helping others further by becoming a patient care advocate in the medical marijuana industry.

Favorite Quote

"Not to be a snot, but I gotta rocket."

~ Herself

Robyn Shonk
Musical Background

Robyn has been singing for as long as she could speak. Growing up, she idolized vocalists on the radio and participated heavily in school choral events. In 2013, she formed a cover duo that was short-lived. After deciding to end the project, making music sadly took a back seat until 2019. She started singing again at open mics, jumping on stage to sing a song or two with local bands, and was inspired to start playing her keyboard which she has played on and off since taking lessons around he age of 8. In 2021, she began to learn ukulele and write original songs. Robyn’s passion for music was revived, and she is hopeful to lend her vocals to additional projects both on stage and on record.

Musical Taste

While the majority of her listening styles are quite diverse, Incubus has been a go-to favorite since high school. She has felt a gravitation towards indie and alternative throughout her life, and more recently she has enthusiastically discovered jam bands and EDM mixes. Here and there she enjoys tribal sounds and a touch of heavy so she can “scratch her brain.”