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Kyle Santos



Born in 1988, Has lived in NEPA his whole life. Has always been the one to want to take photos or video of friends doing what ever that day brought... things like off roading, at the gun range, etc. That passion has brought him to creating a couple of short films and starting his own wedding video business. Another big passion is abandoned places, taking photos and making videos for YouTube.

Favorite Quote

"Remember that in life, Listen with both ears. You listen to one story, You listen to the other one. Some place in the middle is the truth. It's up to your own brains and knowledge to determine what to do, If you know the background of the people who are involved. Don't ever react to anything in life. Legitimate or illegitimate. By listening to just one side, You have plenty of time to react. Listen to both sides, Think about someplace in the middle and make up your mind, Then react. Then you do what you want." ~ Salvatore "Toddo" Aurello

Kyle Santos
Musical Background


Musical Taste

All types from rap, screamo, Nordic war, alternative, emo.