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Johnnie Occhipinti



John Salvatore Occhipinti, was born in Chevy Chase, Maryland, but was raised primarily in Lower Green Ridge in Scranton, Pa! He has four sisters, and no brothers. Although he played sports his entire life, he was inspired to learn how to play guitar and piano when he was 20 years old living in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. Even though, he never acted in high school he landed a role as a rugby player for the movie, “The Nomads” (@thenomadsmovie) after an open casting call for actual rugby players in Philadelphia. It was his first acting role, but he luckily landed on the cover of The Nomads movie poster! You can catch Johnnie and the rest of The Nomads cast on Amazon Prime, BET Plus, and YouTube!

Favorite Quote

“If Voldemort's raising an army, then I want to fight!”

~ Harry Potter (The Order Of The Phoenix)

Johnnie Occhipinti
Musical Background

Johnnie’s first taste of music was on his Grandfather’s piano, when he was just a kid. He taught himself the Jaws Theme Song by ear, but never really had a passion for really learning until he was 20 years old. Since he has been self-taught, learning guitar and piano and whatever musical instrument, he can get his hands on. In the last year he has acquired a PA system, a looper station, and his next purchase is a DJ mixer, so he can live loop his music by himself, until he eventually forms a full-on band! Currently, he works at a music studio and is learning to record, mix, and master others music, and eventually his own! Big things are hopefully in store for Johnnie in the next year!

Musical Taste

Johnnie grew up listening to classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, and Lynard Skynard on long car rides with his dad, but his generational music affinity would steer to his love of indie rock. His two favorite bands that will battle to the end of time for his all-time favor, are The Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes.