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Harleen Francis Quinzel

Production Manager


Harleen was Born in 1989, in Brooklyn NY was raised there, has lived in almost every borough and lived a rough life up until she was 21 going on 22 when she made the decision to move to PA to have a better life for her now 2 kids. She is a single mother that loves her kids. She is a very caring person, loves to help and has been a caregiver professionally for the last 3 years.

Favorite Quote

“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion” ~Edgar Allan Poe (Ligeia, 1838)

Harleen Francis Quinzel
Musical Background

She doesn’t have much of a musical background, she played the flute when she was about 6-7 and realized she did not have the hand eye coordination. She’s loved music since she can remember. She loves and lives for music, she loves to sing even though she thinks her voice is terrible. She loves live music. Going to concerts is what she lives for. She likes to get involved in any project that involves music since she doesn’t feel she has musical talent.

Musical Taste

Her taste in music is very eclectic. All depends on her mood. Some of her favorite artists is Frank Sinatra, Slipknot, David Bowie, Eminem, Queen, The Used, Doo Wops, Twenty one pilots, Dirty heads, System of a Down, Green Day, Nikki Minaj, Sean Paul Taylor swift, Daddy yankee, Halsey, Pitbull and soooo much more. She listens to just about every genre. She is always down for finding new music and very much supports the local music scene.