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Alex Kijek

Social Media Manager


Alex is an NEPA native and has lived here her entire life. She is heavily involved in the arts in the area, having roots in dance and music with a more recent addition of community theater. Her most recent appearances in the performing arts have been The Joan Harris Centre’s production of the classical ballet Don Quixote, and Little Theatre of Wilkes Barre’s production of Chicago. She is also a solo musician, and can be caught performing under the moniker of SocioEmapth. In her spare time she dabbles in acting and modeling, and enjoys cross stitching spooky designs.

Favorite Quote

“God favors drunks, small children, and the cataclysmically stoned”

~ Stephen King, IT

Alex Kijek
Musical Background

Alex has been musically inclined her entire life, with some of her earliest memories being recording songs she sang, making them up on the spot, with a cassette player, and putting on performances ranging from small scale to elaborate productions for her family. Her first instrument was the flute, but she also picked up piccolo and percussion in school, and guitar otherwise. She ended up at guitar camp by chance, hated all two weeks, and as soon as camp was over she couldn’t put her guitar down and returned to guitar camp for six more summers following. She has played as various solo singer songwriter incarnations over the last decade and some, and can currently be found as SocioEmapth.

Musical Taste

As a lifelong ballerina and dance teacher with a soft spot for punk, Alex’s musical tastes know very few bounds. However, if she had to narrow it down to the 3 most influential artists in her life, they would be Avril Lavigne, Green Day, and Alkaline Trio.