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What is The Big Break?
(Pennsylvania Edition)

The Big Break began in 2012 as a competition for Colorado bands for a prize of winning a fully produced music video from producer Eyal Filkovsky. The contest was created by Denver's Trevor O’Connor of Trevor Rocks Denver, and Eyal Filkovsky. The Big Break is now located in Pennsylvania to give a local band a chance to win BIG.

How does the contest work? 

Original PA Bands are given 3 months to create a homemade music video. This can be done with iPhones, Point-&-Shoot cameras, and iMovie/Windows Movie Maker. Make sure you read the rules and regulations before you get started! 


May 1st - Jul 30th, 2022


Fans have ONE MONTH from the competition launch date to submit their votes. You are allowed to vote for more than one band, but only ONCE per band. The top 9 - 12 bands will continue to the next round. 

Aug 1st, 2022


1 full day with 9 bands who will go head to head in a live battle of the bands-style competition.  Several factors will come into play for judging. Three bands will continue on to the final round.

Sept 24th, 2022  See Schedule>>


The final showdown. The finalists battle again and the winner will walk away with the grand prize: a full produced music video! The night will end with the  winner of Season 2, Old Kentucky Shark, taking the stage.

Oct 8th, 2022  See Schedule>>


​Competing is free of charge.

​by signing up you agree to the

rules & regulations

Signups Closed till 2023


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Season 4 Sign Ups open

What do the winners get?

1st Place:

1.  1 fully produced music video by    

    Eyal Filkovsky

2.  1 track recording from Encore Studios

3.  A multi-cam live recording of full set w/pro audio recording/mix/master**

4.  1 live show photo shoot

     and more!!!

Runner Ups*:

1. A live multi-cam recording of the entire show with multi-channel audio recording and mix/master in post.**

2. A live show photo shoot

 *Depending on participation  

**To be performed at the final round of The Big Break